Tips For Signing Up For Heating Oil Delivery When Moving To A New Home

If you have just purchased a new home that has a heating system that uses heating oil, or if you have just moved into a rental home that uses heating oil for household heat, then you will need to look into heating oil delivery. After all, this is a normal part of getting signed up for utilities for the new home that you're moving into. These tips can help make things smooth and easy when you're signing up for heating oil delivery. [Read More]

3 Things That Can Cause Your Air Handler To Ice Over

If you took a peek inside your air handler to see why your AC wasn't cooling your home and you saw ice everywhere, you may have been shocked. It seems odd that an air conditioner would ice over, but it's actually a common problem. There are a couple of things that can cause this problem, but you'll probably need an air conditioning repair service to help get your AC going again. [Read More]

When Should You Seek Professional Help For AC Tune-Up?

Since you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool throughout the warm days, it's essential to make sure the unit is functional at all times. This way, everyone in your home will be comfortable throughout the summer.  One way to ensure your unit runs efficiently is to get an AC tune-up right before the warm weather sets in or after noticing some signs of a malfunction. A good rule of thumb is to get the service done before the AC stops working altogether. [Read More]

Is a Leaky T&P Valve a Serious Problem?

Boilers and water heaters have several features in common, including the presence of a temperature and pressure (T&P) valve. This valve is a typical source of leaks on both appliances, and it's one that many homeowners may choose to ignore. A leaky T&P valve can make a mess, but it can also be a slow drip that's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. T&P valves are safety features that prevent the internal pressure in your boiler from increasing too much. [Read More]