Keep It Cool: 3 Changes To Make To Your Windows This Summer

When you think about cooling your home during the summer months, you might not think about much more than just turning your air conditioner on and allowing it to pump cool air throughout your home. However, you should know that your windows can have a big effect on the cost of cooling your home and how comfortable the temperatures are in your house when it's hot out. Luckily, making these simple changes to your windows can save you money and help you keep your home feeling its best: [Read More]

Tripped AC Breaker? 3 Troubling Signs That You Shouldn't Ignore

When temperatures soar, your air conditioning unit has to work harder and harder to keep your home cool. Sometimes the job is just too much, and your unit will overheat, tripping the circuit breaker. If this occurs on a particularly hot day or at a time when your air conditioning has been running continuously, you probably don't have anything to worry about. You can reset the circuit breaker and carry on with your life. [Read More]

Three Energy Efficient Solutions That Can Reduce Costs Of Heating Your Home

Heating your home can be a major expense if you depend on gas or electricity as an energy source. There are other options for home heating, such as thermal storage, geothermal heat pumps and biomass heating systems. These systems use renewable energy resources to help heat your home and reduce your energy costs. If you want to have a more affordable solution to heat your home, here are some energy efficient solutions you may want for your home: [Read More]

How To Find Your Home's Air Leaks

If you have parts of your home that are causing air to leak out, this could raise your energy bill when you use your air conditioner. The first thing you need to do is locate the leaks. Then you can seal those areas and lower your energy bill in the process. Here are some tips for finding the air leaks. Check the Exteriors The first place to look for air leaks is outside your home. [Read More]