Reasons A Ductless HVAC Could Be Perfect For Your Farmhouse

A large, old farmhouse might be your idea of the perfect home, but you might have to sacrifice comfort during seasonal temperature extremes. If your home is always chilly in the winter and too warm during the hottest days of summer, you may wonder if it's time to upgrade your HVAC system. Before you do, consider switching to a ductless HVAC system. Here's why one of these could be ideal for a country farmhouse. [Read More]

Why Convert Your House To Propane?

Many people prefer using natural gas to heat their home, rather than electricity. Homeowners who use gas typically have lower energy bills. Consumer Affairs writes that a home that runs exclusively on gas can save as much as 30% in utility costs. Unfortunately, due to location, natural gas isn't always available. In these situations, propane is a fantastic alternative. Here are four reasons you should convert your home into a house that runs on propane. [Read More]

Points To Keep In Mind When Preparing For An HVAC Replacement Appointment

Are you planning to upgrade your residential HVAC? If, so it is imperative that you know what to expect when the installation occurs. Thankfully, the contractor who performs the system installation will tend to important factors such as selecting the correct-sized system. However, many people are surprised on the day of their installation when they take note of the procedure and other things that are related to the installation. The following points will aid in ensuring that you are prepared and have peace of mind on the day of your install. [Read More]

Common Appliance Issues For Restaurants

A restaurant will need a number of different, highly specialized pieces of equipment if it is to be able to effectively serve high-quality dishes to its customers. This can leave the restaurant exposed to a greater risk of experiencing major performance problems when some of this specialized equipment fails. Range Or Grill Performance Problems The grill or range of the restaurant will be one of the most important pieces of equipment in the establishment, as most of the dishes that are prepared will need to have at least some of the ingredients prepared on the grill or range. [Read More]