3 Reasons Your AC Drainage Line Keeps Clogging

Air conditioners require drainage systems to remove excess water from their evaporator coils. Water will condense from the now cooler air as your air conditioner runs. This effect reduces humidity in your home but also generates a surprising amount of water. Window units and portable air conditioners typically use this water for extra cooling, while central air conditioners drain it to your home's plumbing. Unfortunately, clogs in this drainage system are surprisingly common and can stop your air conditioner from functioning. [Read More]

How An HVAC Contractor Can Get Your System Up And Running After A Failure

A malfunctioning HVAC system can be difficult to deal with by yourself. A sudden breakdown can leave you stressed and unsure of where to turn. In these situations, reaching out to an experienced HVAC contractor specializing in heating service is your best bet to quickly resolve the issue and get your HVAC system running again.  Emergency Calls When your heating system suddenly stops working, it's essential to have a reliable professional to rely on. [Read More]

How Long Is Too Long — A Guide To Long Furnace Cycles

Cycles are an important concept to understand when dealing with HVAC equipment. Standard residential furnaces and air conditioners operate as single-stage devices. This design means they run at full power until they satisfy your thermostat and then shut down and wait for the temperature to fall (or increase). While very short cycles are a problem, it's normal for your furnace to run a few times per hour. You might also notice the opposite problem: that your furnace runs too long. [Read More]

Invest In The Comfort Of Central Air Conditioning

Access to a flow of cool air can make the difference between getting through a sizzling summer comfortably or feeling miserable. For example, in a home that does not have an air conditioning system installed, sleeping could be difficult due to the heat. Turning on a fan can be disappointing, as it might only circulate the heat that is in the air if it is hot enough. If you bought a home that does not have a central air conditioning system, it does not mean that you cannot get one installed. [Read More]