Is a Leaky T&P Valve a Serious Problem?

Boilers and water heaters have several features in common, including the presence of a temperature and pressure (T&P) valve. This valve is a typical source of leaks on both appliances, and it's one that many homeowners may choose to ignore. A leaky T&P valve can make a mess, but it can also be a slow drip that's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. T&P valves are safety features that prevent the internal pressure in your boiler from increasing too much.

4 Main Types Of Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners are among the most common electrical appliances in American homes. When the time comes to install a new residential air conditioning system or replace your existing one, you'll find that there are different types of air conditioners, each with distinct quality and features. Choosing the right system will be crucial for your comfort and keeping energy consumption under control. Keep reading to learn the four main types of air conditioning systems.

4 Different Types Of Furnace Noises And How To Handle Them

Various problems can lead to your furnace making unusual noises. Some could indicate that you have a loose mechanical part that needs tightening, while others could signal deeper furnace problems. It is always wise to check and have the noises repaired immediately they occur. Failure to diagnose and fix the issue in time could lead to massive complications like a gas leak and fire damage in the house. Here are four of the most common types of furnace noises in the home and how to handle them.

Why Professionals Stress That You Have Furnace Maintenance Done Regularly

Almost all homeowners know that they should do an annual tune-up to their furnace. But even though fall is here, and it will soon be winter, very few people take the inspection with the seriousness it deserves. If you have been ignoring the call to check and service your furnace, it is time to think seriously about it. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from regular furnace maintenance.

4 Reasons Lights Flicker In Homes

Flickering lights can be more than a nuisance. Occasional light flickering is usually not a serious issue. However, if you have not had an electrical contractor inspect your home's electrical system, it is wise to consider the service. Inspections can aid in identifying developing issues, and they can also determine if upgrades are needed. The cause of flickering lights varies. Some of the causes are simple fixes, but the complex ones are usually the ones that require swift action to avoid a safety issue.

4 Benefits Of Hiring 24-Hour Emergency HVAC Services

Having a 24-hour emergency HVAC service at your beck and call ensures the convenient fixing of issues arising unexpectedly. Whether it is during the cold winter or a scorching day, you will be able to keep using your HVAC system. This article discusses the benefits of choosing HVAC services that work around the clock. Read on for more detailed information. Convenient Service Even the most well-maintained HVAC system is bound to develop issues unexpectedly.

What Causes a Split Air Conditioner's Evaporator Coils to Freeze during Summer?

The cooling cycle of a split air conditioner begins with cold refrigerant fluid. When the unit pulls warm air out of your home, the air blows over the evaporator coils, which in turn transfer the heat to the coolant. The coolant or refrigerant flows to the outdoor unit and releases the heat to the condenser coils for dissipation to the outdoors. If there are faults in the system, the refrigerant can cool too much and freeze up the coils.

Four Benefits Of Conducting Annual Heating Maintenance

A heating system is an integral part of your household, especially during the winter months when it gets used frequently. Unfortunately, most homeowners rarely think about conducting heating maintenance on their system as long as it doesn't have a significant issue. In most cases, heating maintenance comes across a homeowner's mind when a heating contractor recommends it or after the heating system has undergone some repairs. Nonetheless, it is advisable to conduct heating maintenance on your system at least once a year to ensure it runs smoothly and provides you with adequate heat.

Keep Your Commercial Air Conditioning In Proper Shape

Your commercial air conditioner is important to your business for more reasons than you might realize. Once you see just how important the air conditioner really is, you will want to make sure you take care of it the best you can. Here is a guide to help you see the benefits of having a properly functioning commercial air conditioner for your business and things you need to do to keep it in peak condition.

4 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

During summer, the temperatures become very hot. It's at this time of the year you find yourself heavily relying on your air conditioner. It's worrisome if this appliance fails to work as it should at this crucial time. These systems don't just break down suddenly; there are often warning signs which you may have overlooked. To avoid being caught in this predicament, look out for the following signs that warrant air conditioning system repair.