3 Things a Professional AC Maintenance Visit Can Tell You

Scheduling annual service visits for your home's air conditioner serves two critical functions: Maintaining its efficiency and reliability Inspecting parts and spotting problems While the former is critical to ensure your system lasts as long as possible, many people overlook the latter's importance. Changing air filters, cleaning coils, and lubricating blower motors (where necessary) will help keep your system at peak performance. Still, it's also necessary to look for signs of brewing trouble that are easy to miss without a trained eye. [Read More]

Packaged Unit Or Split System: Choosing A Central AC Type

There are two key types of central air conditioning units. One is called a packaged unit—it contains all of the components of the air conditioner inside one metal cage. The other is called a split system, and it consists of two units: one with the condenser and compressor, and a second with the evaporator coil and air handler. Both types of systems have their place. Below, you'll learn the upsides and downsides of packaged units and split systems, which should help you choose between them. [Read More]

When Does A Packaged Air Conditioning System Work Well?

When most people hear the words "central air conditioning," they picture a split system. This system consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. Split AC systems are very common, but there is another type of air conditioner to consider: a packaged system. Packaged systems house all of the air conditioner components inside one, single box. Here are some situations in which you may want to opt for a packaged air conditioner. [Read More]

Why Is Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installation A Good Choice For Your Motel?

As a motel owner, you know that offering guests a comfortable stay is key to running a successful business. A ductless mini-split installation may be the perfect solution if your property doesn't have central air conditioning or your existing AC unit is outdated and inefficient. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a ductless mini-split air conditioning installation for your motel. 1. They Are Highly Energy Efficient  One of the biggest advantages of ductless mini-splits is that they are much more energy efficient than traditional AC units. [Read More]