Reasons Why Water Is Leaking From Your Air Conditioner

An AC provides optimum indoor temperatures during summer when the heat waves are unbearable. But the system may develop problems from time to time. One of them is water leaking from the system. If you neglect water leaks, mold will grow in the wet spots. Keep in mind that mold spores circulating in the house can lead to health complications among your family members. To avoid this, contact an AC repair expert to address the water pooling issue.

Heating Repair Services That May Be Needed To Keep Your Electric Furnace Working

An electric furnace heats your home with electricity, so you won't need propane or natural gas connections to make heat. The heat-producing parts of the furnace include the heating elements, sequencer, and contactor. The blower is responsible for moving the heated air through the ducts and into your living space. If no air is coming from the ducts, you probably have a blower problem. If air is coming out but it isn't hot enough, you could have an issue with one of the heat-producing parts.

2 Signs The Limit Switch In Your Home's Furnace Is Going Bad

While the thermostat in your house helps to regulate the temperature by sending signals to the furnace to kick on, the limit switch serves the same purpose inside the system. It detects when the internal temperature becomes too cold or hot so that the furnace and blower fan will turn off. When the limit switch goes bad, your furnace will not be able to function properly. Below are a couple of the signs you should be on the lookout for when trying to determine whether the limit switch is bad and needs to be repaired by a professional.

3 Things a Professional AC Maintenance Visit Can Tell You

Scheduling annual service visits for your home's air conditioner serves two critical functions: Maintaining its efficiency and reliability Inspecting parts and spotting problems While the former is critical to ensure your system lasts as long as possible, many people overlook the latter's importance. Changing air filters, cleaning coils, and lubricating blower motors (where necessary) will help keep your system at peak performance. Still, it's also necessary to look for signs of brewing trouble that are easy to miss without a trained eye.

Packaged Unit Or Split System: Choosing A Central AC Type

There are two key types of central air conditioning units. One is called a packaged unit—it contains all of the components of the air conditioner inside one metal cage. The other is called a split system, and it consists of two units: one with the condenser and compressor, and a second with the evaporator coil and air handler. Both types of systems have their place. Below, you'll learn the upsides and downsides of packaged units and split systems, which should help you choose between them.

When Does A Packaged Air Conditioning System Work Well?

When most people hear the words "central air conditioning," they picture a split system. This system consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. Split AC systems are very common, but there is another type of air conditioner to consider: a packaged system. Packaged systems house all of the air conditioner components inside one, single box. Here are some situations in which you may want to opt for a packaged air conditioner.

Why Is Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installation A Good Choice For Your Motel?

As a motel owner, you know that offering guests a comfortable stay is key to running a successful business. A ductless mini-split installation may be the perfect solution if your property doesn't have central air conditioning or your existing AC unit is outdated and inefficient. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a ductless mini-split air conditioning installation for your motel. 1. They Are Highly Energy Efficient  One of the biggest advantages of ductless mini-splits is that they are much more energy efficient than traditional AC units.

Reasons For Having An HVAC Technician Come Out

There are so many reasons why HVAC system repair technicians get called out to people's homes. You can learn more about some of those reasons in the content found here:  To service the HVAC system One of the best ways to avoid expensive HVAC repair problems is to remain proactive when it comes to having your system serviced by an HVAC technician. They will take care of things that can help your system to last a lot longer.

Ways To Lower Your Heating Costs

Heating costs can be a burden during cold seasons because you'll have to run all your heating appliances to keep everyone warm and cozy. Therefore, you should devise a plan to keep your heating bills down. Luckily, you can borrow a few tips for reducing your heating costs from this article. Adjust Your Thermostat Settings  Your thermostat setting can influence your heating bills in a major way. You need to make a couple of modifications to your thermostat, and you'll save a lot.

Has Your Air Conditioner Ran Out Of Its Useful Life? 3 Ways To Tell

The hot weather serves as a reminder to maintain the home's AC. Everyone considers repairs the first remedy when they experience issues with their unit. However, even with the best quality of maintenance and repair, your unit will reach the end of its lifespan and lose its efficiency. When this happens, you should think of replacing it instead. Here are three sure signs that you should consider getting a replacement for your AC system.