Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

When Is It Better To Repair Your AC Unit Instead Of Replacing It?

When your air conditioner breaks down, it is always tempting to just have it replaced rather than paying to have it repaired. Sometimes, this makes a lot of sense. If there are a lot of parts that need replacing, it's often cheaper to just buy a new air conditioner. Or, maybe your air conditioner is 20 years old, and parts just aren't available anymore. But replacing your air conditioner is not always the right approach. Here are some situations in which you are often better off choosing to have the unit repaired.

The repairs are inexpensive. 

Most HVAC repair companies will give you a rough estimate of repair costs. There are actually quite a few repairs for which the parts are very affordable. For example, a new condensate drain line is just a piece of rubbery tubing that costs a few dollars. As long as the labor is not too intensive, these repairs can sometimes be done very affordably. Even if your AC does end up breaking down again in a few months, you probably won't regret spending something like $50 to keep it going a little longer. And there's always a chance it will hold up longer than expected, especially if you take good care of it in the meantime.

The unit is under warranty.

Air conditioners usually come with pretty good warranties. Don't assume your AC is no longer under warranty. Sometimes, these warranties are for as long as 10 years! Look for the paperwork you signed when the AC was installed. If you cannot find it, contact the company that installed the unit; they usually have it on hand. If the warranty period is not yet up, then it is almost always worth making repairs since they'll be free. (Some companies do require you to pay a deposit, but it's small).

You're moving soon and don't want to invest in the house.

If you think you may have trouble selling the home, then adding a new air conditioner might make it more marketable. But if you don't plan on putting any more money into the house before you sell, just have the AC repaired and get it working. Once you sell, if the new homeowner wants a new AC unit, they can go to the time and expense of having one installed.

When your AC fails, the ultimate question is always whether you should repair or replace it. Sometimes, "repair" really is the best answer.

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