Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

Test And Inspect Your Home's Heating System

Maintaining a heating system is essential for ensuring it functions properly and efficiently. Regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of the system so that your family will stay warm this winter.

Clean and Adjust The Burner Assembly

The burner assembly produces heat, and cleaning it regularly can help keep it functioning correctly and efficiently. Residue can build up in the burner assembly, impeding its performance and reducing efficiency. An effective cleaning routine for the burner assembly can prevent these issues.

To clean the burner assembly, turn off the heating system and disconnect the power. Remove the access panel to expose the burner assembly, and use a soft bristle brush to gently clean the assembly. Adjusting the burner assembly involves ensuring the flame is burning correctly and adjusting the fuel-to-air ratio to optimize combustion. Adjust the air shutter to achieve the correct flame color, which should be blue with a yellow tip. If the flame is too orange or yellow, it indicates incomplete combustion, which can be dangerous.

Test The Electric Heating Elements

Electric heating elements produce the heat the system distributes in your home. Faulty or inefficient heating elements can result in uneven heating or increased energy costs. Testing the heating elements involves checking their resistance and ensuring they are drawing the correct amount of power.

Start by shutting off the heating system and unplugging the electricity before testing the heating elements. To access the heating elements, remove the access panel. Check the heating components' resistance with a multimeter. The resistance should fall within the range that the manufacturer has stated. This can be a somewhat advanced step, and individuals may feel more comfortable leaving this step to a professional.

Inspect And Clean The Humidifier

The humidifier in a heating system adds moisture to the air, which can be beneficial in dry climates or during the winter months when the air is typically drier. Turn off the heating system and remove the access panel. Make sure the water supply is clean and debris-free by checking it. If the humidifier pad or filter is dusty or damaged, replace it.

Test And Inspect The Flue Pipe

The flue pipe is responsible for venting the exhaust gases from a heating system to the outside. Testing and inspecting the flue pipe can ensure it is free from any blockages or damage that could lead to a buildup of harmful gases inside the home. Generally, you should inspect the flue during the fall before cold weather arrives and periodically throughout the winter months.

For more information on heating system maintenance, contact a professional near you.