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Reasons Why Water Is Leaking From Your Air Conditioner

An AC provides optimum indoor temperatures during summer when the heat waves are unbearable. But the system may develop problems from time to time. One of them is water leaking from the system. If you neglect water leaks, mold will grow in the wet spots. Keep in mind that mold spores circulating in the house can lead to health complications among your family members. To avoid this, contact an AC repair expert to address the water pooling issue. This article looks at reasons why water is leaking from your AC.

Clogged Condensate Line

Dirt and grime will build up on the AC's condensate line if you fail to service the unit as required. Usually, the obstruction causes water a backup in the drip pan. When there is an overflow, the water will start dripping from your system, triggering the float limit switch. In that case, you should call an AC repair expert to clean the condensate line. A clean condensate line drains water effectively.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Formic acid corrosion can create holes in the line set, causing coolant leakage. This causes the temperature in the AC to fall drastically, causing the evaporator coil to develop ice. On the other hand, clogged filters impede airflow. As a result, the refrigerant flows without adequate air to facilitate heat absorption. The coil will, in turn, freeze, hindering heat transfer. During ice thawing, you will notice water dripping from the unit. In this situation, your AC specialist will patch the line set and change the filters to prevent the coil from icing up.

Cracked Drip Pan

A drip pan collects water from the hot air and channels it to the condensate line. But the drip pan may wear down and crack over time. Furthermore, the drip pan may rust as it is in constant contact with water. When that happens, the condensation will start leaking out. In that case, you should install a new drip pan.

Disconnected Drain Line

Excessive vibrations from deep excavation or earth tremors can distort the position of the condensate line. As a result, it will cause the drain pipe to disconnect from the drip pan, leading to water leakage. Additionally, installing the drain line without professional help can lead to weak connections that encourage water leaks. So if you notice a disconnection in the drain line, call an AC repair technician to fix it. 

Leaks from your cooling unit can cause extensive water damage if you fail to fix them promptly. Therefore, call an air conditioning repair technician as soon as you notice pools of water or mold patches around the unit. 

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