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Has Your Air Conditioner Ran Out Of Its Useful Life? 3 Ways To Tell

The hot weather serves as a reminder to maintain the home's AC. Everyone considers repairs the first remedy when they experience issues with their unit. However, even with the best quality of maintenance and repair, your unit will reach the end of its lifespan and lose its efficiency. When this happens, you should think of replacing it instead. Here are three sure signs that you should consider getting a replacement for your AC system.

The Air Does Not flow Freely

The airflow quality you get from the unit is typically the first indicator that it is time for a replacement. First, if you are not getting cold air in the house, you might have less Freon than required for the system's operation. Freon loss could indicate that your compressor is no longer working. It could also run out because of the age of the unit. Additionally, poor airflow could result from problems with the compressor or damage to the vents. Repairing these parts could mean endless calls to the contractor. At a certain point, overhauling and replacing the system will be the best option.

The System is No Longer as Quiet as Before

The air conditioner typically operates with a soft humming sound. Sometimes it might buzz or sound a little louder than usual, especially when struggling to deliver. However, some sounds are an indication that there is an issue with the system. Banging, rattling, squealing, and other noises are indicators something is wrong with the system. A technician might be in a position to tell whether the cause of these issues is something you can resolve. However, if you have had the air conditioning system for a long time, off noises indicate that it is time to replace the unit. A new system will make less noise and operate efficiently.

You Keep Calling the Technician for Repairs

If you have had your unit for several years, and it keeps breaking down, it is time to get a professional opinion on whether to replace the system. The endless repairs can become excessively expensive, making it easier to purchase a new unit. Upgrading to a modern setup will eliminate money lost through these repairs.

Speaking to a competent AC contractor is the first step to help you find out whether you should repair or get a new unit. They will assess all parts of the AC and help you make the best choice for your comfort in the house.

Reach out to an air conditioning contractor near you for more information.