Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

Four Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Nothing can be more devastating than your air conditioner breaking down when you most need it. When the heat kicks in, you will need a functioning AC to cool your home. Whether you are spending time at home or vacationing in a rental property, the hot weather will be unbearable with a faulty system. Here are symptoms of a bad AC you shouldn't ignore.  

Poor Airflow 

When there is a blockage on the air conditioner, air will not flow through the ducts. Blockage occurs when the air filters are clogged or when the motor breaks. Blockage means improper operation and poor indoor air quality. Once you diagnose insufficient airflow, you need to call an air conditioner technician. They can easily fix the problems by ensuring the ducts and filters are properly set and your AC keeps your house cool.

The Humidity Is Too High

A properly functioning air conditioner should regulate the humidity levels in your home. If you notice foggy windows and moist skin, this is a sign that the AC is not working properly. Excess humidity in your home makes it feel hotter even when the AC is on. You may even notice algae and mold growing around your AC. A qualified AC technician may install a dehumidifier to rectify the issue. Ensure timely repairs because high humidity is not only uncomfortable but can be a threat to your property and the condition of your entire system. 

Leaks Around the Air Conditioner

Water leaks are always a sign that the AC is not working properly. The refrigerant on the AC is responsible for cooling your home in a process that involves condensation. If you have low refrigerant levels, your evaporator coil will freeze up and eventually melt into the drain pan leading to an overflow. If you notice any leaks in the system, call a professional to fix it before you deal with severe damage or have to replace the entire system.  

Loud Noises 

You may expect low noises when the AC is starting up or shutting down. Loud noises, however, could be a sign that the AC is not working properly. One common cause for such noises is the case of loose parts. You may need to contact a professional to check the system and perform necessary repairs.

Some air conditioner issues can turn into serious issues if you do not fix them on time. All you need is a quick diagnosis by a professional who can repair the system so that you can continue enjoying cool air indoors. For more information on AC repair, contact an HVAC contractor.