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Signs You Need Air Conditioner Vent Cleaning Service

If you use a central air conditioning unit to cool or heat your home, you know how easy it is to forget about the ductwork. This often occurs because the ducting is inside the walls, but neglecting it could affect your comfortability. Dirty air ducts will make the cooling unit less efficient, endanger the entire family's well-being, and cause the unit to break down. Here are signs that you should call an air conditioning vent cleaning service right away.

The Home Is Perpetually Dirty

Do you see a puff of dust coming from the vent each time you turn on your AC? Or are indoor surfaces always dusty even though you wipe them down regularly? This is a clear sign that there is a lot of dust and dirt in the vents, and you need to invest in air conditioner duct cleaning. 

The Grills Are Dusty

Every air duct outlet has a grill that helps distribute cool air throughout the residence. If the grills appear dusty, you should clean the ductwork. The dust on the grills is blown from inside the ductwork into your house, and wiping them down will not solve the problem. Check out all the vent grills in each room, and if you notice they are all dusty, schedule a routine cleaning to eliminate the dust and dirt in the ducts.

There's a Strange Smell

If you always keep your home fresh and clean, but you still notice a weird odor lingering, consider getting a technician to check your ducts. The chances are that dirt and dust particles have accumulated in the ductwork and emit smelly air into the house.

In some other cases, you may notice a musty smell. If the air conditioner hasn't kept humidity in check, you may have mold growth. Consider removing the grille cover, then use a flashlight to check for mold signs. If you notice some mold, call your HVAC technician to clean out the ductwork before it causes respiratory issues in your home.

The Unit Takes Longer to Cool 

A functional AC unit should be able to cool the house down fast to ensure you don't endure the summer heat for too long. However, if you realize the system is taking longer to cool, even if there aren't any signs of a malfunction, you may have a dirty air duct issue. 

Cool air won't be distributed fast when grime and dust clog the ductwork. The AC will work harder to meet the set requirements and use more energy. Cleaning the ducts will help the AC cool the house quickly and reduce monthly bills.