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4 Different Types Of Furnace Noises And How To Handle Them

Various problems can lead to your furnace making unusual noises. Some could indicate that you have a loose mechanical part that needs tightening, while others could signal deeper furnace problems. It is always wise to check and have the noises repaired immediately they occur. Failure to diagnose and fix the issue in time could lead to massive complications like a gas leak and fire damage in the house. Here are four of the most common types of furnace noises in the home and how to handle them. 

Banging Sounds

If your furnace is making banging noises, you need to check the condition of your furnace gas burners. The noise comes from small explosions that happen when you have a delay in the ignition process. Gas builds up inside the ignition chamber when they do not ignite on time. When the ignition happens, it makes a small explosion because of a high volume of gas coming into contact with the heat. Typically, banging sounds result from clogs or issues with the gas pressure. It is not advisable to try and fix problems with the gas burner without professional help. 

Shrieking Noises

Shrieking is another sign of trouble with the furnace. Typically, shrieking happens when you have issues with the motor, such as a damaged belt. The sound resembles a high-pitched squeal when it is on. You can resolve this problem when you have the right tools. However, if you aren't sure about repairing the furnace belt, have a furnace repair expert handle it for you instead.

Rattling or Rumbling

Rumbling and rattling are other noises that affect the heating system. When you have a loose component inside your furnace, the entire unit rumbles when you fire it up. One broken part is dangerous because it can damage all the other parts. You should hire a technician to inspect the blower motor. If the component does not have problems, you should check the heat exchanger and gas burners. 

Humming Sounds

Humming indicates that you have a problem with either the blower fan or the capacitor. You should hire an expert to check these two components and determine whether they need repairs. You might also hear some popping sound along with the hum. If this happens, check the air ducts for possible inflation. 

The key to resolving unusual furnace noises is hiring a competent technician to do it for you. With their guidance, you can solve all manner of heating issues and keep your house warm in the winter. Contact a local furnace repair technician if you notice any of these sounds.