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4 Reasons Lights Flicker In Homes

Flickering lights can be more than a nuisance. Occasional light flickering is usually not a serious issue. However, if you have not had an electrical contractor inspect your home's electrical system, it is wise to consider the service. Inspections can aid in identifying developing issues, and they can also determine if upgrades are needed. The cause of flickering lights varies. Some of the causes are simple fixes, but the complex ones are usually the ones that require swift action to avoid a safety issue. Electrical fire warnings often start with flickering lights. The following points identify a few reasons that lights flicker.

Bulb Issues

Some homeowners do not realize that lightbulbs are not created equally. This is about more than quality. Certain bulbs are not designed to work with certain electrical fixtures and setups. If flickering occurs from a switch equipped with a dimmer, it might be due to the bulb type. Some dimmers do not respond well to LED bulbs. A simple bulb change could correct this issue. It is also worth checking to ensure that light bulbs are securely screwed in. Fluorescent bulbs may flicker when the weather is cold. However, the phenomenon should go away when the bulb warms up.

Shared Transformers

An electrical contractor can determine if a home has flickering lights that are reserved for one home or if it is an outside issue impacting several homes. The issue can impact neighbors if it is related to a faulty shared transformer. This is an issue that the electrical contractor or homeowners would need to escalate to the electrical provider. A need for a new shared transformer can arise when homeowners purchase new appliances and electronics that require more energy.

Voltage Fluctuations

This type of flickering usually occurs when an appliance or electronic with high electrical demands is turned on. It can also occur when there are multiple appliances and electronics in use simultaneously. Voltage fluctuations can be resolved, and an electrical contractor can assess your home and the appliances and electronics you own to determine the best fix. 

Loose Wiring

This is the most serious reason for flickering lights. It can cause house fires or electrocution. The flickering occurs due to arcing, which causes excessive heat resulting in fires.

An electrical contractor is a good resource to use to understand more about flickering lights. They have the skills to identify hazards and the tools to make electrical repairs and upgrades. Due to the various things that can cause lights to flicker, it is best to get a professional analysis than it is to guess what the issue is on your own.