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How a Heating Contractor Can Help You Prepare Your Home for Your New Puppy

If you are planning on bringing home a puppy sometime soon, you might need a little bit of help from your heating contractor. Even if this is not something that you have thought about calling to talk to about your family's new addition, you may find that your heating contractor can help you prepare your home for your new puppy in the following ways and more.

Ensuring Everything Is "Puppy-Proof"

First of all, you will probably want to make sure that everything in your home is "puppy-proof," since puppies are known for getting into everything, chewing things up, and more. You probably want to make sure that your puppy does not cause any damage to your home heating system, and you probably want to make sure that your puppy is kept safe, too.

A heating contractor can make sure that your furnace is properly covered, can help with screwing down vent covers if they aren't already in place, and can make sure that there are no electrical wires or gas lines leading to your heating system that your puppy could easily get to. After you have had your heating contractor come out and help you with puppy-proofing your home in this way, you may want to take additional steps to ensure that your home is puppy-proofed in other ways, too.

Adjusting Your Programmable Thermostat

You might have a programmable thermostat in your home that is used to help you reduce heating costs while keeping your home comfortable. Your heating system might be programmed so that your heat doesn't run during the day when everyone in your household is at work or school, but you may want to have your heating contractor adjust your programmable thermostat now that you are bringing a new puppy home, since you will probably want to keep the puppy at a comfortable and safe temperature even when no one is home.

Offering Advice About Air Filters

You probably already know that changing the air filters on a regular basis is an important part of home ownership. This is done to help with maintaining improved air quality in the home, helping your unit run efficiently, and keeping your unit in good shape. If you have brought a puppy home, however, it might be time to make a few changes to the way that you use air filters. You may want to ask your heating contractor for advice about which air filters work best for dealing with pet hair and dander, for example, or you might want to inquire about whether or not you should change your home's air filters more often now that you might have a shedding puppy in your home.