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Air Conditioning Repair Guide To Help Troubleshoot Noises And Airflow Problems

If your AC has poor airflow, it can cause several issues. Some of the problems can be due to the blower or damaged ductwork. When the air conditioner has reduced airflow, it can cause it to run constantly. Therefore, you want to know issues that need troubleshooting before calling for repairs. The following information will help you with the air conditioning troubleshooting when your system makes noises and has poor airflow:

Noises Due to Blower Fan Issues

The blower is one of the first areas where you are going to need to do troubleshooting. Often, your AC's airflow problems are due to the blower fan being worn or damaged. Issues that can cause problems with the blower include:

  • Worn bushings
  • Bad fan motors
  • Damaged fan blades

If the blower is making noises and the is little air coming out of the vents, you will want to call a repair service for help fixing your system.

Damaged Ductwork Reducing Airflow

The ductwork may be another area where you have problems that are causing poor airflow. Often, these are issues that start when your cooling is turned off for the winter. You will want to inspect the ductwork for damage during spring maintenance. If there is serious damage hampering your system's airflow, you will want to contact an AC repair service for help fixing these issues before summer.

Problems with Thermostat and AC Calibration

Problems with the thermostats are another issue that you will want to check for. Sometimes, the settings and calibration of the AC may not be correct. An air conditioner repair service can make adjustments to calibrate your thermostat with the AC. This can solve problems with airflow or the system not cooling effectively. This is especially important for newer systems that may have variable-speed blower fan motors. Due to the calibration issues, the thermostat can cause the fan to run at slower speeds.

Dirty Compressor and AC Unit Parts Causing Issues

The compressor can be another area of your system where you have to deal with issues and troubleshooting. These problems often start with dirty system components and can lead to other problems with airflow. Therefore, the unit needs to be cleaned and may need repairs during summer heat if there are issues with ice building up on the condensing coils, AC compressor, or other components.

If your system is making noises and no air is coming out of the vents, then an air conditioning repair service and provide you with a solution. They can identify problems that need to be repaired these issues before the damage gets worse.