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3 Furnace Repair Issues That Should Never Be Ignored

A lack of time or lack of money are two common reasons homeowners postpone scheduling needed furnace repairs. While it may be possible to safely postpone some minor repair issues, such as having the system cleaned or adjusted, there are some signs of furnace problems that should never be ignored. 

Homeowners who know that their home's furnace needs the attention of a repair technician but want to wait because of time or money constraints will want to pay close attention to the following information. 

Noisy operation

Like any appliance, age and wear can make furnaces louder as they cycle and run. However, homeowners who suddenly begin to hear clicks or squealing noises should understand that those are not normal sounds of aging. 

Instead, clicking noises are often due to serious repair issues, including worn motor bearings, inducer issues, or problems with gas furnace ignition systems, all of which can cause furnace failure, if not repaired in a timely manner. Likewise, squealing noises can mean that the fan belts or pulleys are failing. If fan belts or pulleys fail, the furnace may still heat, but it will be unable to move the air through the HVAC ducts to warm the home. 

Change in air temperature

Another repair issue that homeowners sometimes postpone, but shouldn't, is when the furnace seems unable to warm the home as effectively as it once did. This type of problem can result from a variety of causes, including clogged air filters, thermostat problems, and issues with the electric heating elements or gas burner systems. Furnace problems of this type that are not quickly corrected can result in complete failure of the heating system. 

Water leaks 

Many furnaces are equipped with a humidifier unit to ensure that the home's interior is kept at a comfortable humidity during the heating season. Homeowners who notice the appearance of a water leak from their furnace may be seeing evidence that the humidifier's condensation line has developed either a leak or a clog.

In addition to the problems associated with pools of water around your furnace, this type of problem can mean that the humidifier component of the furnace is unable to function correctly. The occupants will soon notice uncomfortably dry air and staticky conditions inside the home. 

Postponing heating system repairs often ends up costing more in both time and money, especially if the furnace fails during a cold night or weekend when emergency repair calls are the only available option. 

Homeowners who have been postponing repairs for their home heating system can avoid the discomfort of heating failures and the cost of emergency repairs by contacting a heating system repair technician for residential furnace repair services.