Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

Reasons To Not Put Off Repairs

If you have issues going on with your HVAC system, then don't put off having the repairs done. There are many ways that putting off the repairs can cause some major issues for you that it's a very bad idea to procrastinate getting a technician out. Here are some examples of problems you can end up with. 

Out of control electric bills 

When you let your HVAC system continue working with issues, you can cause it to work much harder than it is supposed to, and the electric bills can become very high very quickly. You may find yourself surprised by a bill that's going to be hard for you to manage because you didn't have that high of a bill factored into your monthly budget. One example of a way the HVAC system can raise your bills can be seen in the instance of a leak. If there is a leak, then the system will keep coming on, trying to bring the temperature down to the temperature that you have the thermostat set to. Things will continue in this manner until you finally turn the system off, the unit finally freezes on you and turns itself off, or the system breaks in any number of ways. 

Mold and water damage

If you don't have the HVAC system serviced at the start of the season, then the drain may end up getting clogged. What's supposed to happen if there is a clog is that the condenser pan will fill up with condensation from the evaporator coils and the float switch should turn the system off. However, if this doesn't happen, then the water will flow out of the pan, leaking into the house. This can cause water damage that can continue to get worse until the problem is fixed and the water damage that's already happened is taken care of. Also, mold can develop and it can spread quickly. Keeping the drain clean and making sure clogs are taken care of right away can prevent these problems. 

A broken belt or other parts

If you hear a noise coming from the compressor for your HVAC system and you ignore it, then whatever is wrong with the system will keep happening until something gives. The thing that gives will depend on what's making the noise. If the belt was making noise because it is old, then after a while it will likely snap. If there is another broken part that's making a noise, the part can break even more until the system can no longer work or it can lead to even more broken parts. This is why it is important to have all new noises checked out by a technician.

Contact an HVAC repair service right away if you notice any of these issues.