Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

Heating System Repair: When Do You Need Professional HVAC Help?

If you take proper care of your heating system, it should continue to work properly. However, there can be a time the furnace will begin to malfunction. Although some issues are easy to fix, there are some problems that will need professional attention pretty quickly. Here are some examples of issues that will need immediate professional guidance:

Issues with the Electrical Connection

A furnace needs electricity to operate. You may never notice anything as your heating system cycles on. If you begin to see your home's lights flicker or you partially lose power when the heating system cycles on, there may be a connectivity problem that needs attention. This is not an issue you should handle yourself unless you have training in electrical engineering. Your HVAC contractor can help diagnose the problem and inform you of your next steps.

Strange Noises When the System Cycles On

You should not hear more than a slight hum or sounds of air flowing when your furnace is on. When your heating system starts to make loud or strange noises as it cycles on, you likely have a problem. The sound could be a fan blade that is broken or a bearing that is out of place. Any time you hear something that sounds off, be sure to have it checked right away to prevent further complications.

The System Cycles Constantly

Another common problem with a heating system is constantly cycling. This means the system is kicking on and off too frequently. The constant cycling is an issue because it can prematurely wear out your system's components. The issue may just be due to a clogged air filter. This is something you can take care of by simply replacing or cleaning your filter. If the cycling continues, you need to have it professionally evaluated by heating repair experts, as there is likely a broken component.

The Heating System Smells Odd

When you first turn on the heating system for the first time in a while, it is common to smell a burning dust smell. This smell should go away after a few minutes. If the smell does not go away or if the burning smells like melting plastic or wires, you need to turn the system off right away and call your HVAC contractor. This could lead to a fire in your home. You should also call right away if you smell gas when you turn the system on. You should turn the system off immediately and leave your home. You need to call both your HVAC contractor and the fire department to locate the exact cause of the gas smell.