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Ready To Install An Air Conditioner In Your Older Home? What To Ask Your HVAC Contractor About

If you have been debating if you can take the heat another summer and you have been considering installing an air conditioning unit, it's time to get quotes. There are many factors that will affect the cost of the installation and the unit.

Being comfortable in your own home is something worth investing in. Here are things to talk about with the HVAC service expert about when they arrive at your home to give you a quote.

Efficiency is Important for Long Term Savings

You want to buy a unit that meets the Energy Star standards for efficiency. Investing in a unit that is efficient doesn't just lower cooling bills, but it's the best investment for the home.

If you are saving up to 10 percent monthly with the new unit, the unit will pay for itself over the time that you run it in your home. It may cost more to get a highly efficient unit but it's worth the investment.

Improve Your Home Air Quality

A new air conditioner will help to improve your air quality. The unit removes moisture from the air during high humidity, and that can cause mildew and other air complications. The unit can also have a filtration system to help keep toxins out of the air.

Adjustable Settings are Important

It's important to have a unit with adjustable settings. The settings you want a new air conditioner to have include:

  • Adjustable fan settings
  • Programmable thermostat settings
  • Automatic shutoff setting for detected problems
  • Wireless controls

You need to be able to turn the fan to a low setting when you don't need to drop the temperature dramatically, and you should be able to control the thermostat from your phone. Get a unit that also has safety features that shuts off if there are any safety concerns.

If the ductwork in your home is old there may be costs associated with that as well, and that will be another expense that you must factor when changes have to be made. The heating and cooling service provider will let you know what changes are necessary to make the new unit work with your older duct system that the furnace used.

This is something that will improve the value of your home while making it easier for you to live. Once you have the unit installed, make sure you set it at an efficient temperature for cost concerns.

To find out more about air conditioners for your older home, reach out to HVAC contractors near you.