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Going on Summer Vacation Soon? Do This with Your AC and Thermostat First

If your family plans to travel this summer, you might be in a hurry to get your affairs and trip in order. One of the things you might do right before you leave home is turn off your cooling system. Although turning off your AC might seem like the right step to take, it may actually be wrong. Here's what you may do instead.

Turn Your Thermostat Up a Notch

Most homeowners turn off their cooling systems when they leave home for extended periods of time. However, turning off your air conditioning system might not be a sound idea, especially if you live in a temperate or hot state. If humid air builds up in your home, you could end up with a musty and moldy house.

Instead of turning off your AC, set the temperature on your thermostat about five degrees higher than you usually do. The temperature should keep your home cool enough to prevent mold from growing indoors. In addition, the higher temperature will keep your energy expenses down until you return from vacation.

Increasing your thermostat isn't the only step you can take. You can also spruce up your cooling system before you leave home.

Spruce Up Your Cooling System

The units outside and inside your home can take a beating during the summer. If your AC units contain debris, such as dust and plant spores, they won't perform well when you're not at home. Air conditioning systems can also fail when they become too dirty. To keep your indoor and outdoor units in good repair, call a local HVAC contractor today.

An HVAC contractor can do these things:

  • Rinse and dry your outdoor unit
  • Reconnect and tighten loose contacts inside the outdoor unit
  • Inspect the motor and compressor inside the outdoor unit
  • Flush out the drainage lines in your indoor unit
  • Clean the evaporator coil inside the indoor unit
  • Check and replenish your system's refrigerant levels in both units

A contractor may also show you how to maintain your HVAC units after you return home from vacation. The tips may include sweeping out your indoor unit's closet and washing down the ventilation grates covering your air ducts. If you have additional concerns about maintaining your cooling system after you return home, speak to an HVAC contractor.

If you need help maintaining your thermostat or HVAC units, request an appointment with your local air conditioning maintenance specialists today.