Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

Heating Your Rooms With Space Heaters

Most homes have some form of central heating. But, even with a top-of-the-line furnace, you might not be able to get adequate heat into all of the rooms in your home. Some rooms are naturally colder than others, and they need more airflow. Unfortunately, airflow is not always consistant because of the design of the ducting or the power of the furnace. So, what can you do about these rooms that don't get enough heat? Here are two cheap and practical solutions for adding heating to the colder rooms.

Booster Registers

Booster registers are a clever and effective solution. These registers are electric powered with small fans that help to force the air into the room. This basically enables the hot air to reach further into a room. This could be the perfect solution if you noticed that the far side of your room (in relationship to the where the register is) stays much cooler than the other side. By pushing the air across the room, you are able to get much better airflow.

Booster registers are also designed to be efficient. That is, they don't need to be powered on and using electricity at all times. In fact, many have thermostats that you can program directly on the register so that the fan will turn off once it gets a certain temperature. A residential heating system repair team can usually install booster registers.

The only drawback to booster registers is that the fan can slightly cool down the air temperature as it pushes it into the room. If the air coming out of your register right now is already not hot enough, having a booster register isn't really going to be that useful.

Space Heaters

If your issue is that you really need to just add heat to the room, you'd be smart to just invest in a small space heater since you'll probably only need the extra heat during certain times of the day. Having a space heater that you use sparingly isn't going to cost a ton of money. Even small space heaters can take the chill out of the room and could encourage you to turn down your thermostat. Since many people end up pumping up the temperature to heat up the very coldest parts of the house, the other parts end up being unbearably hot. So, it could actually be much easier to keep a consistent temperature in your home if you have space heaters in the coldest rooms.

In the end, booster registers and space heaters, when used smartly, can help you run a more eco-friendly household.