Using and Maintaining HVAC Systems in Rental Properties

How To Keep Up Your Heat Pump

If there is one thing in your house that needs constant maintenance, it is the HVAC system. Many of the components of an HVAC system are going to become less efficient if they are not properly maintained. This is definitely true when it comes to the heat pump. Many people don't realize that the heat pump is actually central to both the air conditioning and heating of their home. That is, cleaning your heat pump is going to be worthwhile and make both your air conditioner and furnace more efficient. This article explains what the heat pump does and how to clean the most vital parts of it.

What Is a Heat Pump?

The heat pump is located outside of your house. Is a large compartment unit with the fan compartment. Some people just call this the "air conditioner". In reality, it is called the heat pump because it transfers heat in and out of your house, making it key to both airflow and the refrigerant lines. Basically, you can't have an efficient system if your heat pump is not working properly. Furthermore, since the heat pump is located outside of the house, it is exposed to the elements, and it is very likely that it will get dirty.

Cleaning the Coils

If certain components within the heat pump get dirty, particularly the evaporator coil, the pump is not going to be as efficient. Not only is the evaporator coil the most likely to get dirty, but they're also very easy to clean since they are so accessible. The coils line outside of the system and they are located behind the protective metal cage. Most heat pumps have all four walls lined with coils. This helps with the transfer of heat. However, if the coils are caked in dirt, they are not going to transfer heat as quickly as they should.

Luckily, you can very easily clean dirty coils with just a little bit of moderate water pressure. Some people use coil cleaning solutions, but these aren't always necessary. In fact, they are very powerful, so they should only be used if there is stubborn dirt that won't wash away with just water.

Additionally, you can use a coil cleaning brush, but this is also something that you should avoid if it is not necessary. Coils are extremely fragile, and brushing them incorrectly can flatten them, which is even worse than having them dirty. No matter how you look at it, cleaning your coils isn't going to be very time consuming or expensive, but it could increase the efficiency of your system in the long term. 

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