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How To Keep A Cleaner Furnace

When it comes to home upgrades, you don't always need to invest in cosmetic repairs. That is, there are probably some important repairs that you can make around your house that won't effect the way anything looks, but they will still be very worthwhile. For instance, maintaining some basic HVAC maintenance can have a lot of positive effects on your property. This article explains how cleaning your furnace cabinet can improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning:

The Importance of Keeping a Clean Furnace

Did you know that the furnace is actually part of both heating and air conditioning systems in a central HVAC system? Some people only associate the furnace with the heating. system. In fact, it is responsible for circulating air into your ducts, whether your AC or heater is running. Cleaning the inside of your furnace cabinet, and a few of the vital components within it, can increase its overall efficiency.

Opening Up and Shutting Down the Cabinet

First, you want to open up your furnace cabinet safely. Most furnaces have an easily removed excess panel or door. When you have this door open, look for the gas control knob. You want to turn the gas off before doing work inside the furnace. Once the gas is off though, you should also find the power switch for the furnace. Without gas or electricity, it will now be safer to work on your furnace.

Cleaning the Furnace

First of all, any cleaning you do inside the furnace cabinet will be helpful. Just vacuuming out the main compartment and wiping down the walls will keep the vital components, like the pump and blower cleaner. Not only does this mean that cleaner air is pumping through your home, but it also means that everything will run more efficiently without any blockages.

When cleaning out the inside of your furnace cabinet, you want to pay close attention to the furnace pump and blower. These are two vital components when it comes to airflow. The pump motor is a small plastic box. This box has little vents meant to keep the pump cool. When these vents get clogged with dust, the motor gets hotter and has to work harder. The blower is the larger component, so it is easier to clean. You can wipe down the fan blades and vacuum out the blower.

Now that the inside of your furnace is clean, you can close it up. Just remember to turn the gas and power back on before running your heat or AC. Click here for more info on heating repair.