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3 Low-Tech Ways To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Keeping your home's air conditioner in good working condition is critical if you want to enjoy cool indoor temperatures during the warm summer months.

If you don't have a lot of mechanical or technical abilities, you may think that there isn't much you can do to keep your air conditioner running right without the help of a professional. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of low-tech ways to maintain your air conditioner in order to improve performance in the future.

Here are three low-tech tasks you should be completing on a regular basis to keep your air conditioner running right.

1. Change the air filter regularly.

When your air conditioner must struggle to pull in air through a dirty filter, the unit will end up working less efficiently in the future. Changing out your AC unit's air filter on a regular basis will prevent the AC from being overworked, extending the life of your unit and reducing your monthly energy costs.

All you have to do is slide the old air filter out of its sleeve, conduct a visual inspection for signs of dirt or debris, and slide a new filter into the sleeve if needed. This simple, low-tech maintenance task will help you improve the quality of your indoor air and the performance of your air conditioner.

2. Remove anything that may be obstructing air flow.

Your air conditioner needs to be able to pull in outdoor air in order to cool the air and circulate it through your home. If you check your outdoor AC unit, you may find that shrubs, grass, or tree branches are growing in close proximity to the unit.

Taking the time to trim your foliage to create an open perimeter around your outdoor AC unit will allow you to remove any obstructions that could be restricting airflow and causing your air conditioner to work harder than necessary.

3. Take advantage of your adjustable thermostat.

An air conditioner that runs more than necessary will wear out a lot faster than a unit that is used sparingly. If your home has an adjustable thermostat, you should take advantage of this feature to help reduce the demand on your air conditioner in the future.

Creating a program with higher temperatures during the day while your family is at work or school will reduce the number of hours your air conditioner runs, allowing for a longer lifespan and more efficient performance.

Understanding that you don't have to be mechanically-inclined or tech-savvy to take care of your air conditioner will allow you to provide proper maintenance for your AC unit in the future. Contact a company like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to learn more.