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Problems A Dirty Air Filter Can Cause

If your central heating system seems to be working harder to warm up your house efficiently, the problem might stem from a dirty air filter. You must understand that the air filter to a central heating system can lead to multiple problems when it is not cleaned or replaced every now and then. You will find out about some of the problems that a dirty air filter can cause for a central heating system in the article below. 

The Central Heating System Will Struggle to Recirculate Air

How efficiently a central heating system is able to work depends on its ability to recirculate air. Basically, the system is able to pull cool air out of your house, which then allows the warm air produced by the furnace to circulate more efficiently. The system must also be able to bring in warm air from the outside if the weather permits. The reason your home is taking so long to warm up might be due to the air filter not allowing air to freely circulate because of the amount on dirt on it.

There Will Be Problems with the System Blower

The blower to your central heating system is one of the main parts that must be in a good working order. The blower sends air throughout the air ducts at a level that is based on the thermostat settings. Before air moves from the blower to the air ducts, it must first flow through the air filter. If there is a lot of dirt creating a blockage in the flow of air, the blower has to work harder to push air through the holes in the air filter. The blower can then become overworked and cause inefficient heating, and eventually you will have to get the blower replaced.

The Furnace Might Become Worn Down

A dirty air filter will not only have an effect on the system blower, but it can also lead to furnace problems. All of the parts work together to produce heat for your house, so if the blower has to work harder to push air through the dirty filter, it means that the furnace will also have to work harder to produce enough heat for your house to reach a certain temperature. You will end up with the furnace needing frequent repair or breaking down completely. Check out a website like to find out more about replacing the air filter.