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Preparations and Additions Your Home May Require before Furnace Installation

Getting a new furnace can be an exciting prospect. Not only do new furnaces save money, they provide cleaner air than most really old models. They also last for a long time when they are maintained properly. With that in mind, because of some of the differences in newer models, there may be preparations and additions your installer will have to have done before installation can be done.

Furnace Room May Require Remodeling for New Furnace

In cases where an old furnace has leaked fluid, or where walls have been damaged by a furnace that hasn't been stable, there may need to repairs made to drywall and cement in the furnace room. In some cases, especially where a new furnace may be a lot smaller than the previous boiler or furnace that you had, a new platform may have to be built for the furnace to fit next to various pipe and ventilation connections. Many furnace installers want to make sure there is a proper drain in the furnace room to prevent fluids from building up if there is a leak.

Adjusted or Extended Equipment May Be Required to Install a New Unit

Even with a new platform and remodeling to the walls, a smaller unit may require that an installer adds extension to the connected ducts and pipes. In cases where pipes, hoses, and ducts are damaged or rusted, there may be a need for several items to be completely overhauled, which will add to your installation labor costs. Normally a furnace can be replaced in a matter of a few hours, but if the connective equipment has to be replaced, it could take a full day or two of labor. Be prepared to pay for the additional costs, as most labor is at least $50 an hour.

Have Ducts and Home Completely Cleaned before Installation

To ensure that your new heating system runs at the highest level possible, it's important to make sure that your vents are clean. This will prevent your furnace from gathering dirt and the filter getting clogged quickly. Many furnace installation companies offer duct and vent cleaning, and they can use professional equipment to completely clear all of your HVAC equipment of dust, grime, and critters. This will improve efficiency in your home's HVAC system, and ensure you have high-quality breathing air when the new furnace goes in.

By consulting with your new furnace installer about the above preparations, you can ensure that you have a good experience with your new furnace. Making sure your home is properly equipped to support new HVAC equipment makes installation go a lot smoother. For assistance, talk to a professional like Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division.