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Three Energy Efficient Solutions That Can Reduce Costs Of Heating Your Home

Heating your home can be a major expense if you depend on gas or electricity as an energy source. There are other options for home heating, such as thermal storage, geothermal heat pumps and biomass heating systems. These systems use renewable energy resources to help heat your home and reduce your energy costs. If you want to have a more affordable solution to heat your home, here are some energy efficient solutions you may want for your home:

1. Using Geothermal Heat Exchangers For Central HVAC Systems

Geothermal heat exchangers can be used to reduce the energy consumption of central HVAC systems. These systems use the constant ground temperature as a heat exchanger to reduce the energy that is needed to heat or cool your home. They can be costly to have installed because they require excavation or drilling for the installation of the heat exchanger, which is a loop or circuit of pipe that is buried in the ground. This is what provides your HVAC system with the geothermal energy to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

2. Installing Thermal Storage And Solar Collectors To Reduce Heating Costs

Thermal storage can be used in combination with solar energy to help reduce your energy costs. This type of system can use a solar water heater, which then is stored in a tank to be used by your heating system. This type of system can help to greatly reduce your heating costs. With an evacuated tube solar collector, it can also be used in colder climates and work on cloudy days. The storage tank can provide heat to your systems when it is needed to reduce energy consumption. Thermal storage can be combined with many different heating systems, as well as hot water heaters.

3. Using Biomass Heating Systems To Reduce Fuel Costs For Heating

Another renewable energy resource that can be used to use your home is biomass. This is organic materials such as firewood, wood chips and agricultural waste. There are biomass boilers and furnaces that can be used to provide your home with heating. These systems cost a lot less to operate than conventional heating systems, and they can be great for rural homes. There are also biomass systems that use a pellet fuel for homes in more urban areas. Before you have one of these systems installed, you will want to check the availability of fuel material in your area.

These are some energy efficient solutions that you may want to consider for the heating system in your home. If you need help improving or replacing the your heating system, contact a HVAC installation service and ask them about what type of system will work best in your home.