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How To Find Your Home's Air Leaks

If you have parts of your home that are causing air to leak out, this could raise your energy bill when you use your air conditioner. The first thing you need to do is locate the leaks. Then you can seal those areas and lower your energy bill in the process. Here are some tips for finding the air leaks.

Check the Exteriors

The first place to look for air leaks is outside your home. Start by walking around the perimeter of your home and look at all the corners outside the house. These are common areas for cracks or holes to appear, which can cause air to leak out. Also check any water faucets you have outdoors. Find the area where your house's siding and chimneys meet as well, looking for cracks or spaces in these areas. Finally, look down at where the foundation meets the siding or exterior stone or brick.

Check the Interior of Your Home

When it is time to head inside to look for more sources of air leaks, start by using incense sticks to look for leaks. Close your entire house, including windows, doors and skylights. Also take a moment to close all of the vents and dampers in the home. Now turn off any exhaust fans you have in the kitchen and bathrooms. Light an incense stick and start walking by all the openings in the home, including all of the doors, windows, outlets, and fireplace. When you pass by an area with an extra gust of air coming into the home, you will immediately smell the incense stick as the wind hits it.

Inspect the Windows

Once you have done the incest stick test, you can inspect the windows more closely. This is a very common place to have an air leak. Start by going up to each window and pushing it slightly. If it rattles or shakes, then it isn't secure enough. You will need to do some work on the framing of the window. Check around the perimeter of the framing and glass itself and see if you can see through it at all. If you see a space or opening where you can see outside, then that is where your air is leaking in. You should also check for cracks all around the window panes.

Inspect the Doors

The next thing to inspect more closely is your doors. Any doors that lead outside need to be examined closely. Check around the doors to look for cracks that might prevent it from stopping air leaks. If you have weather stripping, look for any gaps in the weather stripping. Also take a moment to test the hinges and hardware. If any of it feels loose, it will need to be tightened.

Seal any cracks or openings you have found while investigating different areas of your home. The next time you turn on your air conditioner, you will feel the air more evenly throughout the home and won't lose any of that cool air. For more information about air conditioning, contact Cole Air Conditioning & Appliance Co. or a similar company.